Custom perimeter and inlayed tileYou can add character and style to your Crystal Palace pool with coordinated perimeter and inlayed tile. Perimeter tile is installed along the outer perimeter of your pool and is available in a multitude of colors and designs.

Coordinating inlayed tiles are available as 2”x2” diamonds or as a continuous perimeter tile, which can be placed on the steps, benches, convenience ledges, or floor of your Crystal Palace pool for safety and beauty.

Introducing our Diamond SeriesTM custom tile line! 

Our Diamond SeriesTM colors are so spectacular we created a custom tile line from Fujiwa Tile.  Each tile has been hand matched with the Diamond SeriesTM colors to provide a unique look.

Click here to download our just released Diamond SeriesTM Tile Flyer.



Custom tile packages for your fiberglass pool.Perimeter tile for your Crystal Palace Pool.