We take great pride in producing the finest quality one-piece pool on the market today. We use only the finest raw materials combined with sophisticated manufacturing techniques to ensure that your fantasy pool withstands the test of time.

The Manufacturing Process of Crystal Palace Pools

1   The first step in our unique manufacturing process is the application of  gel-coat or our Diamond Series™ finish.

2   Next, the important corrosion barrier is formed with the application of an epoxy-modified resin called Vinyl Ester Resin. This layer provides greater impact resistance and optimum blister protection.
3   Reinforcing layers of fiberglass and resin laminate are applied by hand for enhanced strength and durability.
4   The final step in our manufacturing process is to reinforce the coping, by enclosing it with solid beam construction. Convenience ledges and vertical supports are also reinforced to provide you with the best built pool in the industry.

Our 2009 ICC certification number is ESR-2014.