Advanced Safety Covers are not only effective protection for your pool, but more importantly for your family. These covers are manufactured specifically to fit your pool size and shape. When properly installed, the Advanced Safety Cover will prevent accidental intrusion by children and pets.

Some things to consider...

Solid Safety Cover with INVIS-A-DRAIN

Every  6" there 1/4" drain holes inserted in reinforced vinyl, down the center of the pool cover. Underneath is a 12" wide mesh drain filter panel designed for simple cleaning.

Solid Cover with Optional Pum

Use of a weighted cover pump will rapidly pump off all standing water, such as rain or melting snow and will maintain all applicable safety standards.

Strong as its Seams

Advanced Safety Covers are equipped with interlocking seams, double overlapped for ultimate strength and coverage.

Excellence and Durability

Durable box tack reinforcements are found on all safety straps. Protective pads are located at step nosing to prevent abrasion. Added protection is found on every component including the thread—to resist ultra-violet rays, and pool chemicals. 12-year warranty included.

The Ultra-Mesh Light Blocking Material comes in solid green, solid blue, green mesh and blue mesh.


Pool cover rubbing you the wrong way?

Coping anti-rub strips protect your cover without making unsightly marks or scars on your pool. Keep your pool and cover looking new for years to come.

Custom fit heavy duty hardware:

Ultra durable stainless steel, double coiled springs with adjacent D-rings for easy installation and adjustment, fabricated to have a lower profile than other covers. This design keeps your cover lying flat and tight, regardless of the pool's shape.

Double Decker Edging:

Potential trouble spots for pool covers are their perimeters where they're known to unravel and fray. Covers are first hemmed, and then sandwiched between double layers of webbing. Edges can't unravel, giving you years of trouble free performance.

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